Sea Stories

This page of the website is dedicated to publishing sea stories of your most memorable moments aboard the Sally. If you'd like to be a published author, now is your chance. Stories can be a paragraph or a page, or many pages; it doesn't matter. The only requirement is that they be accompanied with a picture of you, the author, in uniform. Please send us an email with your story in a Word file attachment, along with a .jpg file attachment containing your vintage picture, if possible. If you're not into computers, no problem. Just write your story up any old way and send it, along with a photo, to Maurice Medland at the address on our Contact Us page. We'll edit your story and scan your photo in and return it. Don't let these great stories get lost. Write yours up today!

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Photo Credit: "Heavy Seas" is an official U.S. Navy photograph taken aboard USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13) on August 21st, 1951, on the outskirts of typhoon "Marge." Approximate position 22º- 23´ N - 123º- 24´ E Wind (average) - 38 knots - 230º Speed and direction of ship - 13.7 knots - 250º Used by permission.